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From small to large business fleets, Slade Fuels has the ideal fuel card solution to help you cut costs and provide your drivers with access to an extensive network of filling stations.

With our unrivalled e-route site locator, accessible through desktop, tablet or mobile devices, alongside SatNav downloads, your drivers can always find their nearest fuel station at the touch of a button.
Plus, our innovative online account management platform, Velocity, gives you 24/7 access to a range of different reporting tools, making sure you’re always in complete control of your fleet’s fuel spend.




If you have a fleet of HGVs, LGVs or coaches, then the Truckone fuel card offers competitive fixed wholesale pricing and gives you access to tools that will optimise the management of your commercial fleet. The Truckone card can reduce the overall cost of running your commercial fleet.

  • Enjoy weekly fixed pricing on diesel at all fuelling stations across the market leading UK Fuels network

  • Access to 4,188 strategically-located sites across the UK, including 450 HGV-friendly fuelling stations

  • Claim back VAT easily with clear, concise billing and HMRC-approved invoices

  • All fuel cards are PIN protected, minimising the risk of fraud if lost or stolen




For fleets and large hauliers that use more than 100,000 litres of diesel per month and prefer to buy their own fuel, the Bunkerplus fuel card is the number one choice. It is specifically designed for high volume diesel users, allowing you to buy your own diesel from your supplier of choice and store it in the market leading UK Fuels bunkering network.

  • Benefit from buying your own diesel through a supplier of your choice, if your minimum fuel use is over 100,000 litres a month

  • Access the market leading UK Fuels national network of 4,188 sites

  • Purchase fuel at favourable, commercial rates with the option of spot market or fixed contract prices

  • Buy diesel in bulk and in line with market conditions for long-term price stability

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