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From small to large business fleets, Slade Fuels has a fuel card solution to help you cut costs and give your drivers access to an extensive network of filling stations. With our unrivalled e-route site locator, accessible through desktop, tablet or mobile devices, alongside SatNav downloads, your drivers can always find their nearest fuel station at the touch of a button. Plus, our innovative online account management platform, Velocity, gives you 24/7 access to a range of different reporting tools, making sure you’re always in complete control of your fleet’s fuel spend.





If you have business vehicles operating in a specific local area, then the Fuelplus fuel card is for you. Offering competitive pricing and tools to maximise driving efficiency, the Fuelplus fuel card can help you reduce your fuel bills.


  • Access to 4,188 strategically-located sites across the UK

  • Fixed, wholesale related pricing across the network

  • Claim back VAT easily with our clear, concise billing and HMRC-approved invoices

  • For businesses with up to 50 cars and LCVs

  • Weekly fixed pricing and competitive pump pricing

  • PIN protected to minimise the risk of fraud





The Fleetone fuel card is the ideal solution for those with a mixed fleet. Whether you use petrol or diesel, you can keep your fuel tanks full with access to more than 2,900 leading-name fuel stations.


  • Use a vast network of more than 4,233 sites from all the major brands

  • Enjoy access to some of the most competitively priced sites, including supermarket filling stations

  • Claim back VAT easily with clear, concise billing and HMRC-approved invoices


  • Fleetone is the only card in the UK to offer both commercial and retail prices on one card

  • All fuel cards are PIN protected, minimising the risk of fraud if lost or stolen

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